45 Ryries Rd, Lawrence, NSW

0499 732 738 (0499 SECRET)

A family owned business


Debbie, Steve & Sylvia purchased the property in 2019 after searching for a number of years for the perfect place to start a family business. Once we found it, we didn’t want to leave.

We want to share the unique beauty of the property with our guests, making it a destination you can come back to time and time again. Our goal is to provide you with what you need for a fun and relaxing bush and lake experience. We are here to provide help and advice about the retreat or surrounding area.


We are also assisted with the running of the property by our dear friend Holly. Give her a wave when you see her out gardening and doing maintenance!


Another person you may see around is our bob cat operator and dear friend Dick Leadbetter, who provides us with support and guidance for our earth moving operations. Without the work of Dick the place would be a shambles as he cleans up most of Steve's work that may not be finished to the standards set out by Dick. 



Finally, we also want to give thanks to many local tradies and people who have welcomed and helped us immensely along the journey building up this business from scratch. A special mention to two hardworking and time-generous people: Steven Hawke and Keith Rooke. They have given us so much advice to get this place up and running. We feel honoured to call them friends.