45 Ryries Rd, Lawrence, NSW

0499 732 738 (0499 SECRET)


COVID-19 statement

In accordance with NSW Government directives, Secret Lake Retreat will comply with all restrictions imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19. This may mean temporary closures or changes to operating times and/or services provided. Please contact our office for further details or updates. Monitor the NSW Government site for the most up-to-date COVID-19 restrictions and advice pertaining to Clarence Valley Council Local Government Area.

In COVID times, and as a standard operating procedure, we will always maintain an exceptional level of hygiene in common areas.

All visitors MUST come to the office and check-in using the QR code.

We reserve the right to ask you to provide evidence of your vaccination record/exemption and/or proof of address if required to do so by the NSW Government.


Pricing and Refunds

Prices are subject to change. We will respect the pricing of all pre-existing bookings and vouchers if a change occurs.

We are a small family-run business with a limited amount of sites. Last minute cancellations impact us and create extra work trying to fill the spot.

We require full payment on booking.

In an effort to avoid having a 'no refund for cancellation' policy, we enforce these rules:

  • With 30 or more days’ cancellation notice given, you have the option for a full refund or voucher for return (12 month expiry)

With 14 - 29 days’ cancellation notice given, you will be given a voucher with a 12 months expiry date

  • In Peak-Season*, cancellations made less than 14 days before arrival will forfeit all payments made and the total cost of the booking will be retained.
  • Outside of Peak-Season*, if we are given less than 14 days’ notice: Cancellation fee of 50% total booking.

* Peak Season is all NSW Public Holidays (including long weekends) and all published NSW School Holidays.

  • Less than 48 hours’ notice or no show: Cancellation fee of 100% of booking
  • Early departures or last minute changes due to weather or change of mind : No Refund
  • Eviction due to breach of rules and policies: No Refund
  • If we ask you to leave due to flooding or bushfire: Full refund of unused portion will be made.
  • Any vouchers issued are non-transferrable and any refunds will be made to your bank account.

*Credit/vouchers are non-transferable and valid for 12 months, then forfeited.

By booking, guests acknowledge the Terms & Conditions, Rules and Policies of Secret Lake Retreat. In our bush and lake setting  all activities are at a person’s own risk and Secret Lake Retreat takes no responsibility or liability for injury to a person or damage to any property as stipulated in the Rules and Policies section of this website.

We also advise that you follow NSW National Parks safety tips on keeping yourself and your camp area safe as, and we stress again, we are a bush campground. Link to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services - Camping safety www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au 



Secret Lake Retreat is committed to protect and care for our unique environment and provide a place for all to enjoy Secret Lake Retreat in safety and peace.

Rules and policies ensure everyone understands their responsibilities for their own and others’ safety.  The main aim is to use common sense and respect others.

Please be eco-friendly. Don’t waste resources such as firewood and water, leave litter or do anything which could damage the natural environment.



Please visit reception on first arrival; you need to confirm booking details, the number of people in your party, number of vehicles, rego numbers, etc.  (Includes Covid QR scanning as required).

  • Check-In time: 2pm
  • Check-Out time: 10am

We need this gap to maintain campsites, but Check in and Check Out times may be negotiable at times. Just ask.


  • No other pets apart from well-behaved dogs permitted.
  • Dogs must be on leash or contained.
  • Please don’t leave your dog unattended or tied up for too long.
  • Dogs must not chase wildlife or interfere with other guests.
  • Please clean up after your dog and bag and bin waste.
  • No barking or howling tolerated at any time of day.
  • Owners are liable regarding for any damage or issues that may arise from their dogs.



  • No motorised vehicles permitted outside campground areas.
  • Stay on maintained tracks.
  • Please respect NO ENTRY signs.
  • Track maps are available at the office. Main tracks are signed and color-tagged on trees.
  • Some tracks may close if flooded and will be signed accordingly.



  • Limited filtered rainwater is available from the kitchen sinks and vanities for personal use.
  • Taps in the campgrounds are filtered dam water. It is good quality but may be brown from tannin in the water.
  • Bulk filling of caravan water tanks is available at Lawrence if you require it.



  • Please think of the environment and others and limit shower times.
  • Showers are instantaneous LPG and temperature limited.
  • Let us know if the gas runs out. Please don’t change bottles over yourself!



  • Because we have septic tanks, sanitary items to be placed in plastic receptacles.
  • We have toilets so please do not use the bush!
  • Toilets (and showers) are cleaned at least twice daily. If there is a problem, let the office know ASAP.



  • Please clean up after use. (Wash camp utensils, wipe down benches & clean microwave)
  • Turn off and clean BBQ after use. Let office know if BBQ gas runs out.
  • Turn off lights and fans after use in the camp kitchen and dining room if no one else is there.



  • Please dispose of grey water at the dump point or take it with you. We don’t want it running across other sites or into the lake.
  • Toilet cassette waste also goes into the dump point.
  • Please use the wash down hose provided to keep the dump area clean.



  • Only unpowered craft permitted on the lake: e.g. canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, row boats and small sailing boats (mast height restrictions apply).
  • Electric motors can be used on small tinnies (with permission)
  • Please launch by hand rather than reversing trailers into the water.



  • No fishing at all from jetties or pontoons (kids and snagged hooks don’t mix well)
  • Catch and release only
  • Surface lures only
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No netting allowed e.g: yabby pots, gill nets or similar



  • The use of firearms or other weapons such as bows and arrows, etc. is prohibited.
  • No hunting or trapping. Collection of any fauna/flora is prohibited on the property.



  • You may collect dead fallen timber from our property for use during your stay. Please leave any hollow wood for our native wildlife.
  • You can bring your own firewood as long as it complies with NSW biosecurity regulations and is not transporting unwanted pests and diseases. Any store bought firewood is okay.
  • Campfires only in designated fire pits. You may use your own self-contained fire pit.
  • Dispose of ash in the ash disposal pits provided.
  • Keep the fire moderate and appropriate for where you are camped to limit embers or flames that could damage other people’s property.
  • Don’t leave fires unattended or burning overnight.
  • If you light it, you are responsible for extinguishing it.
  • Our public liability police dictates that camper's fire pits cannot be closer than 25m to any building or trees. 
  • Campfires prohibited on TOTAL Fire Ban Days.



  • We monitor the RFS (Rural Fire Service) app: Fires Near Me and we encourage you to do the same in fire danger periods.
  • Please advise us if you notice any smoke.
  • One of the RFS conditions on our Primitive Campground is that we must request campers to vacate when “Extreme” or “Catastrophic” conditions are announced.
  • We have fixed and mobile fire-fighting equipment which may only be used by our staff.
  • Secret Lake reserve the right to conduct seasonal “patchwork” fuel reduction burns on the property. These are slow burns which are monitored closely and will only will be done after the proper RFS Notice is given and/or Permits obtained. Campers will be advised of such.



  • No audible noise from campers or dogs between 10pm to 7am.
  • No fireworks or excessive noise at any other time.
  • If campers do not comply, they will be warned. If noise continues, those responsible will be asked to leave.



  • Generators are discouraged but permissible between 10am and 4pm. Please try to minimise impact on other guests.
  • Secret Lake Retreat reserves the right to run generators outside these hours in the unlikely event of a power outage to maintain office power and water supplies to the amenities block.
  • No Generators on total fire ban days



We have different bins and encourage guests to separate their rubbish, recycling and drink containers:

  • Red lid bins for general rubbish
  • Yellow top bins for recyclable items
  • Specialty bins (one at each campsite) are labelled for refundable cans and glass bottles. Proceeds go to local community organisations.



  • Be respectful of other guests’ fresh air!
  • Please dispose of the butts responsibly.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the amenities block or on the jetty and pontoons.



  • No leaving kayaks on jetty for a long period of time
  • No glass on jetty or platform for safety
  • No vehicles on platform
  • No fishing from jetty or platform



  • Do not dig high-sided wheels into campsites. (levelling blocks available from the office)
  • Our sites are generally not level. Please secure your van with chocks.
  • No trenching around tents.
  • Do not dispose of grey water onto the ground. Please use the dump point.
  • We encourage bio-friendly detergents and products to protect the Lake.
  • No camping any closer than 10 metres to the water’s edge.



  • No caravans/campervans/campers to plug into amenities block power. We are a primitive campground and have no provision for powered sites. Furthermore, Secret Lake Retreat is at the end of the powerline and our small transformer is only sufficient for the homestead and amenities block.
  • You may use power points are provided in the amenities block for charging electronic devices such as phones and laptops.
  • No home appliances (e.g. toasters, kettles, frying pans) to be plugged in at the kitchen. This excludes the fixed microwave provided by Secret Lake.



  • Within the camping area: Walking speed please.
  • Access roads: initially 30kmh, then drops to 20kmh closer to camp for safety and dust reasons.
  • Irresponsible driving prohibited.



  • In non-allocated areas of our primitive campground, please observe a minimum 6m spacing between campsites which are nominally 140m2 (e.g. 12m x 12m)
  • Any vehicles must fit on the site.
  • Maximum of 7 people including children (This assumes no more than 3 adults)
  • If you need more space or have more than three adults, you need to book another site!
  • It is your responsibility to position your campsite in an area that you consider safe to avoid the possibility of falling trees and branches.
  • There are a few campsites we have levelled. Before using, please check them for safety.



  • If you drink, please do so responsibly.
  • Verbal, physical violence or abuse in any form is not tolerated.
  • Any other behaviour that putting other guests at risk is not tolerated.



  • Games/sporting activities are to be conducted in an area that does not affect other guests.
  • Equipment is to be used correctly. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure safety.
  • Any Secret Lake equipment: e.g. Volleyballs, canoes, kayaks, lawn games, etc. are to be returned at the end of use for the next users. Limit use to an hour if others are waiting.
  • Please report any loss or breakages of Secret Lake equipment so it can be repaired or replaced.

Secret Lake Retreat Management reserves the right to request non-complying campers to follow the rules or direct them to leave the property as requested.


  • This is a primitive campground in a natural bush and lake-side setting.
  • Lighting is limited to the amenities block. Use a torch at night to avoid hazards.
  • Trees and branches may fall. Any camping, bush walking or activities in the bushland is at a person’s own risk.
  • The lake is set in a natural setting and could have submerged sticks and logs, tree roots and sharp rocks in the shallows.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear should be considered for all activities and bushwalking.
  • Take precautions to minimise the risk of tripping, falling or being bitten by insects or other animals such as snakes.
  • We recommend you have your own First Aid Kit. We have a kit at reception if you require it. We do not administer First Aid … that is your responsibility.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting showers, toilets, camp kitchen or near the water/swimming. There are many potential hazards for children including, but not limited to: climbing on rocks which may be loose or dislodge, sharp sticks and stones in the bush and underwater, risk of drowning, burns from BBQs or fire pits. We encourage natural play and exploring but you must accept any inherent risks to your child, supervise and take full responsibility.
  • Any games, balls or equipment are to be played in an area that does not affect other guests. Equipment is to be used correctly and it is the responsibility of an individual or parent to ensure safety. This relates to any equipment provided by campers or by Secret Lake. We will not take responsibility for injury or accidents.
  • All guests are responsible for their vehicle and possessions – we take no responsibility for damage or theft.
  • Many sites are on a slope. Please chock your trailer wheels securely.
  • Children must be supervised while they swim or play. Life jackets/personal flotation devices are your responsibility to bring and/or wear. We encourage all campers to wear them whilst undertaking water activities.
  • Never dive or jump into the water without checking depth as levels can vary seasonally. Secret Lake Retreat accepts no liability for any accident or injury if you haven’t checked first.
  • Anyone caught dumping rubbish, leaving rubbish or dumping effluent (outside of the dump point) will be asked to leave immediately and will be subject to a fee of $200 for its clean-up and removal. We provide bins for disposal of rubbish and they must be used.
  • In the case of damage to our property, Secret Lake Retreat reserves the right to deduct a reasonable amount from your credit card to cover costs of replacement or rectification. Property damage includes, but is not limited to: broken tables and chairs, damage from large fire embers to other’s property, damaged signs or vandalising our camp grounds with vehicle misuse.  


By booking, guests acknowledge that this is not a controlled environment. There are inherent risks in all activities, especially in camping and around water and in the bush. These include but are not limited to: storm damage, falling trees or branches, trip hazards, drowning and snake or insect/spider bites. You are responsible to take reasonable precautions and acknowledge that injuries could result in temporary or permanent injury and even death.