45 Ryries Rd, Lawrence, NSW

0499 732 738 (0499 SECRET)


All non-motorised watercraft are welcome (electric powered tinnies are the only exception). Kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, off the beach sailboats (small craft only; mast height restrictions apply). Watercraft cannot be launched from trailers; they must be carried in.

Kayaks - A limited number of free Kayaks and Canoes are available to use. We recommend bringing your own personal flotation devices, especially if you allow children to use any equipment, even with the required adult supervision.


The lake water is warm, generally around 29o in summer and 22o in winter! It can be a bit muddy in some spots around the edges but you can swim from our pontoon or deep water swimming platform. Parents must supervise children at all times. We don’t have an on-duty lifeguard!

Even in severe drought we still have plenty of water to swim in and enjoy, just watch for snags if the water is very low.

Swim shoes recommended as there may be sticks and stones in the shallows.


You are welcome to use over 20km of existing tracks on the property. A map is available at the Office. BYO bikes.


Bushwalk along tracks and roads on the property. A map is available at the Office. There are long tracks and many shorter walks to different vantage points of the property.



You will see a huge variety of native birds and other wildlife. See our gallery for some great pictures. Share your photos with everyone on Instagram or Facebook!

A list of birds we have spotted around the lake and other birds found in this region is available at the office.

Here are just some of the many species of Flora and Fauna we have identified:


  • Black Swans and the occasional Pelican
  • Sea Eagles and other species of Eagles and Hawks
  • Wrens
  • Cockatoos, including Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos
  • Owls (see if you can spot the hard-to-find Tawny Frogmouths)
  • King Parrots, Lorikeets and Eastern Rosellas
  • Pardalotes
  • Native Crested Pigeons and Bronze Wing Pigeons
  • Swallows
  • Rainbow Bee-eaters
  • Kookaburras and Kingfishers
  • Jabirus
  • Native Ducks, Egrets and other water birds
  • Native bee species



  • Bass (stocked)
  • Silver Perch (stocked)
  • Golden Perch (stocked)
  • Eel-tailed Catfish
  • Variety of freshwater turtles
  • Freshwater shrimp
  • Frogs (many species)
  • Firetail gudgeons and many other small native fish species



  • Goannas and Lace Monitors
  • Australian Water Dragons, bearded dragons and many more lizards and skinks
  • Eastern Grey Kangaroos
  • Swamp Wallabies
  • Pretty-faced Wallabies
  • Bandicoots
  • Native geckos
  • Green pythons (harmless) and the odd local snake (not necessarily harmless …but be aware and they will usually keep out of your way if they hear you coming.)

Our night sky is black and perfect for stargazing. We keep our lighting to a safe minimum so it does not diminish the night-time bush experience. BYO torch!

The sun rises over the Lake and the sunsets through the bush surrounds can be glorious.


  • Native orchards and other small wild flowers
  • Xanthorrhoeas (grasstrees)
  • Bloodwoods
  • Coastal blackbutts
  • Tallow wood
  • Spotted gums
  • Ferns, mosses and lichen
  • Tree ferns
  • She-oaks/Casuarinas
  • Banksias
  • Paperbarks
  • Wattles and more.